>I had the honor to photograph her mother’s maternity and now her newborn photos. I feel blessed to meet these new clients that instantly feel like family.
Here are a few of my favorites from our session.


  • Janet Crouch - Beautiful! That last one is my favorite 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Shelby White - These are stunning images!! Love your work and your vision…ReplyCancel

    • Lynda - This is my baby 🙂 I love every single one of the pictures . I look at them every day and am mesmerized by the moments you captured . You’re an amazing photographer !! Thank you for these special pieces of art ! Looking forward to our next session 😉ReplyCancel

  • Melisa - Beautiful images!! What a sweet little baby!! I love the images in the basket! Just adorable!ReplyCancel

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  • Heather Blades - These are beautiful as always. I’m in love with the one of them sitting under the tree.ReplyCancel

I will be offering my 4th Annual Easter Minis. These have always been fun, beautiful and candid shots. Here are a few from years past!!! I am proud of these minis. They are one of my favorite along the side with my Anna Banana Christmas Shoot.

Please email me at miranda@pixelperfectmemory.com if this is something you are interested in. I am also giving away a slot on my FB page.


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Lately, I have many potential clients email me or message me with my prices. I gladly let them know my fee”I start at 250…” Sometimes, I hear back from them and sometimes I do not. I contemplated my prices and I realize I am worth it and my work is worth it and MORE. It is the same price as a grocery trip! Yet, they are memories I created that will last a lifetime and will be looked back upon for years to come. It will be displayed on walls for years and looked at with fond memories of that age or time in your/their life. That being said, I decided I will not change my prices but to leave them the same. To be honest, I should increase them with the amount of time I dedicate with each session, family, child, Mother and new bundle of joy.

Please, let me tell you what you pay for in that $250.00 fee:

1. The Session.
This includes the driving and gas to and from the location. The correspondence between myself and the potential client: the discussion of which location, what to wear, what to expect and so on. It also includes the time I spend with you and your child/children/family snapping those memorable shots. I calm your child and maybe even help you feel at ease. I talk to them about their likes and dislikes, so they feel relaxed enough with me to let them reveal their “true” self. No fake smiles, but to reveal that personality that you admire and love. I help you feel comfortable, pose and natural in front of the camera. I do not just pull a camera out and start snapping away. Each session has a particular idea in my head and a MEANING to the person who hired me.. If it is a family of four: I find out the age, the likes, the gender, the names. I even sometimes look that family up on Facebook, so I can have that exact idea of what I want for that session. I plan the location, the poses, the natural shots, the candids and so on. Each session I try to be creative and come up with ideas and brainstorm way before the actual session.

2. The Edit
Oh. This is a big one. I spend a majority of the time in front of my computer. Each session will take 3-4 days to edit. I take 15-30 minutes on each photos. That picture of all the kids looking and smiling is most likely three images overlaid and edited to make that perfect image for you. (Not all the time, but most of the time) That blemish, scratch, dirt, stain, road burn, stray hair, wrinkle, and so on will be removed. That color cast from the green tree above will be removed. I spend so much time perfecting each image for your wall display. I will not stop until it is an image I would proudly display on my wall. All 20 images that you are given are pictures I would display on my wall in a heartbeat.Not to mention, I love to creative edit and make not only a memory vibrant, but a work of art.

3. The Product
This includes the time to burn the images, create prints, canvas, cards and books. This also includes the downloading of each gallery, each blog post, Facebook conversation, upload and the mobile app. To make sure everything is to par and makes ordering images or choosing images simple for you.

Not to mention how much each of these cost to run a business:

$5,00 a yr. EDUCATION. Yes, I want to learn to be the best I can be. I buy books, classes and spend large amounts of time educating myself to be the best possible photographer.
$350 a yr. for my website
$600-1,000 for photoshop
$25.00 a Month Shootproof (to show you your images and to display and app)
$100-200 in gas a month
$200 or more a month on equipment: memory cards, prints, cd, cd covers, lens, paper, and so on.
2,500-5,00 for my camera
1,500-3,500 on lens

Photography is not a cheap profession. It is actually very expensive to stay educated and advanced.

I am sure I could go on, but those are a few things that stand out.

Now, I hope that gives you a small understanding that $250.00 is a competitive and a fair price for the time I (we) spend on each session and the memories that are captured. These pictures will live forever and be passed down for years to come.

Next time, you contemplate whether 250.00 is worth hiring a photographer…remember this post. Give us a chance. I promise you will be more then pleased with the memories and photos we capture. Photographers are worth every penny:

“I couldn’t be happier about the wonderful work of Miranda Hagan from Pixel Perfect Memory. She took photos of my newborn and was so patient and good with my baby during the photo shoot. I was amazed that Miranda was able to get so many perfect shots between the crying, diaper changes and feedings. I was even more impressed when I saw the finished photos. My newborn looked flawless but still natural and I will cherish these photos of her forever.”

“Miranda is a complete pleasure to work with! She has watched my son grow and is like part of the family. She is able to capture moments that I will now be able to treasure for the rest of my life, thanks to her amazing skills. I have said this before, but I will gladly have her take photos at my son’s wedding and he’s only 2 right now! We will continue to use her for as long as we can and recommend others to do the same!”
~Amy Dedes

“Miranda is a very talented photographer who truly cares about the families she photographs!”

“Miranda is more than just a talented photographer, she’s a gem. She can take chaotic moments with the kids and find glimpses of perfection, always managing to snap just the sweetest moments!”

“We have had two sessions with Miranda – and have loved the photos from both! She is a true professional and has tremendous talent! Not to mention she is great with kids (I have 3 – ages 9, 7, 1). I look forward to working with her again soon :)”

“Miranda did the newborn pictures for my sister’s first baby girl. They photos were absolutely STUNNING, the most beautiful and magical shots ever. And Miranda is awesome to work with. 🙂 A very creative lady.”

HERE are some of my memories I captured in my house just this week.:

  • Bernadette Britz-Parker - I would like to inquire about having pictures taken sometime in April. I have a 3 1/2 year old granddaughter, as well as a new granddaughter just 3 weeks old. I would love to have family photos taken of them, but my daughter would like to wait until she has lost some of her weight.

    We will all be together at our condo in NSB at Easter. Do you have any availability during that time? Good Friday or Saturday?ReplyCancel

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